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JURA Aged 21 Years



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For all of Scotland's reputation for rain and cold, Jura is blessed with the warmth of the gulf stream, the ebb and flow of the Atlantic bringing a warmth to the TIDE. In the vast wilderness and listen to the silence, the only sound to be heard soon helps you find it once more: the tide. Like the whisky in our casks, it's an irresistible reminder of time's power.

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Tasting Notes


Satin wood honey gold


Creme caramel, sweet fruit salad, ginger, desiccated coconut & marzipan


Macaroon, gingerbread, frangipane, and white chocolate

Made by a tiny island community since 1810

Welcome to Jura, a remote island off the West Coast of Scotland. Only 60 miles from the mainland yet it feels like an entire world away; an ancient landscape of wild mountains, peaceful lochs and stormy seas. With just one road, one pub, one whisky distillery and a very distinct micro-climate, it’s not the easiest place to make whisky, but we believe it’s the best.